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We bring the Mammoet brand and lifestyle to each of you!


As you might know, Mammoet helps clients improve construction efficiency and optimize the uptime of plants and installations. For that purpose, we provide solutions for lifting, transporting, installing and decommissioning large and heavy structures. Mammoet has been known for the unique capability of their state-of-the-art equipment. And has been already for over two hundred years!


Our clients trust has brought us where we are today. Many people are inspired by our equipment and are drawn to Mammoet. The challenges of pushing boundaries, creating new possibilities and accomplishing the exceptional move us. Therefore, we want to share a part of Mammoet with you. Our culture makes us more than a business. We are a lifestyle!


And if you’d like to have a piece of Mammoet, you’ll find it in the Mammoet Store! For example fans can become a member of the one and only Mammoet Club.
Our Mammoet Merchandise is available in our store in Schiedam (The Netherlands) but also on this website. You’ll see that Mammoet is accessible to everyone. We have a merchandise line that licenses many products bearing the Mammoet brand. Such as scale models (1:50 and 1:87), apparel, workwear, footwear, office supplies, toys, watches, key chains, bags, different kind of accessories and more…


Take a look on our website pages and find the perfect piece of Mammoet that fits you. New products are added to our collection all the time. Would you like to know more? Watch the video below where we’ll show you our shop and some products.



We hope to see you soon in our (digital) store!

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